Classic Cars - January 2020 Edition

I was lucky enough to show RE02 VRK at the NEC Classic Car Show 2019 at the beginning of the month. When you arrive at the NEC on the Thursday you have have to drive round the back roads behind the halls to find the correct entrance. As you can imagine there are a lot of people and cars going in all directions. Whilst waiting for something very shiny and expensive to be backed off a trailer I was sat with my window down. Who should come towards me, roll down his window, smile and say "hello"? It was only Quentin Willson! He pointed at RE02 VRK and said "Press car, very nice!" I have to admit this made my day. all of the work getting RE02 VRK back on the road seemed worth it!

We know that Quentin is a fan of the early R50 MINIs having recently acquired a 2001 MINI ONE. He also mentioned the 02 S Register in an earlier eiditon of Classic Cars. So it's great that once again he has given the register some coverage in this months edition. Even if he did get some details a little muddled, not least of all referring to RE02 VRK as Tanya's car!